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All images are crops of scanned pages from a squared jotter. Images are in solid black and white (not greyscale).

1. Pen drawn. Wrong orientation: everything reads sideyways. Handrawn letter outlines are in two lines taking up 2/3 of the left-handside of the page. They are thick and knobbly shapes.
Line 1: cropped letter; ‘R’;  ‘E’. Line 2: cropped letter; ‘E’; ‘F’; cropped letter. Beneath this is a wee illistration of an envelope. Noted in handwriting beneath this are two lines of text. Line 3: “the invitation”. Line 4: “the apprehension” (spelled incorrectly).

2. Pen drawn. On the left there is a large, wobbly ‘A’ outline. There are then lots of thin lines sat closely together following the same, similar or corresponding paths. Some areas of the page are blacked-out in pen.

3. Pen drawn. Same page as page 2, different part of the page. No letters. Lots of thin lines again and a larger area of the page blacked-out in pen.

4. Pen drawn. Some words on the left-hand side of the page are cut off. In the centre of the page is a chuggy outline of the letter ‘O’ and ‘M’. On the bottom third of the page there are two bullet points which read: “thinking of before like it is now”;  “avoiding a canonical, closed sides, line of progression.” From these lines, a tail of an arrow follows round the bottom-right corner. The arrow leads to a sentence/question: “does it matter [sentence cut-off] different?”.