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All images are crops of scanned pages from a squared jotter. Images are in solid black and white (not greyscale).

1. Pen drawn. Handrawn letters - thick and knobbly in shape. In the centre are the letters ‘E’ and ‘F’.

2. Pen drawn. There are then lots of thin lines sat closely together following the same, similar or corresponding paths. Some areas of the page are blacked-out in pen. There are also some thick-lined, looser contours.

3. Pen drawn. Same page as page 2, different part of the page. No letters. Lots of thin lines again and a larger area of the page blacked-out in pen.

4. Pen drawn. Chuggy letter outlines take up the top half of the page. The bottom half has handritting which is cropped, showing mid-sentences: “of before like”; “canonical, close”; and “progression”.