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'Zoë Zo, Zoë Tumika, Zoë Guthrie' handwritten in blocky, black capital letters


IMAGE DESCRIPTION 1: The outline of the words, ‘HELD A WORKING TITLE’, is hand drawn and overlays the described images which follow. This outline repeats fours times vertically down the page.]

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION 2: Two bowls sit on a soft white, fabric backdrop. The bowl on the left is the larger of the two; made from white stoneware clay; unglazed; with a scalloped rim. The bowl to the right is also unglazed, but with a sandy coloured, lightly speckled clay body. Around its inner surface, hand written in black, is the sentence “AM AWAY.”.]

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION 3: A cropped scan of handwritten gothic lettering on a squared piece of paper. The scan has been made in black and white - there is no greyscale and so the background is harshly white and the ink and outlines of the squares are boldly black. The tops and bottoms of most letters are contained / limited / decided by the measure of the squares.

On the top half of the crop, the words appear upside-down. Line 1: “are we from bef (partly finished / started) ‘o’”. Line 2: “are we from before”. Line 3: there is only tops of the letters / words.

On the bottom half of the crop, line 1: “when now is”. Line 2: “not how they”. Line 3: there is only tops of the letters / words.]
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION 4: 3 bowls; 2 handless mugs; a vase and a wide, shallow, spouted bowl are arranged on a ply board surface. The vessels have been thrown on a pottery wheel and are dark grey in colour. Bands and scrapes from the trimming tools remain on the vessels’ surfaces. In the background is a spider plant; more ply; the top of a wooden chair and a grubby, white, plasterboard wall.]


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION 5: Some sort of 3D form made from clay - it could be a kind of podium. It has an uneven, textured, bare clay surface in a mixture of greys and whites as it dries out.]