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Zoë Zo, Zoë Tumika & Zoë Guthrie is an artist from and living in Glasgow, Scotland.

Zoë makes work about being, in the many ways they imagine being can be for them. In their practice, making work and producing the work of others is a site to 

be (a)live, 
be unfixed. 

A space which tightly embraces abundance and multiplicity.

Zoë works predominantly with clay and make ceramics using handbuilding techniques as well as wheel throwing. They also make using pen (lettering and drawing) and video.

They interrogate Scotland’s colonial history, specifically relating to and the legacies of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
Informed by the politics Black Radicalism Zoë employs narrative building and dismantling, listening and questioning, to consider alternative understandings and activate further possibilities as a means to liberation.
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Lead Producer at Body Remedy, a Glasgow-based [forming] ecology that centres physical practice for self-recovery. Contributors and participants of Body Remedy are black people and people of colour who identify as women and non-binary.

Resident Artist at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, Middlesbrough, as part of the UAL Decolonising Arts Institute 20/20 Commission.

Resident Artist on the Studio Residency 2023 at David Dale Gallery, Glasgow.

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